What is Hot Deal?

Hot Deal helps your property become more prominent than other locations in the same segment, thereby reaching more tenants and easily finding the desired tenant

Why using Hot Deal?

Outstanding display

During the Hot Deal running, posts will always be on the top search and most prominently displayed

Personalize your deal

You are attached with promotional messages for each different Hot Deal campaign, creating the opportunity to attract the most effectively

Performance-based fees

Sumica optimally supports the free pin and the Hot Deal fee will be based on the results that you received

Hot Deal

100% tenants have the need to find a house to rent with the exactly information
Proactive approach
Fees charged according to the results received
Easy tenants' contact storage, directly on the app
Deal displayed correctly according to the visitor's search

Traditional rental advertising

Tenants have not been screened and their needs are unknown
Passive approach
There is a charge for the time of pin-to-top
Manual tenants' contact storage, requires recording
Deal is displayed generally, not specific
Way 1

Create Hot Deal on the app


Open the Sumica application as Host role, press the Hot Deal banner


Press the New Deal button and choose a rental property you'd like to promote


Fill the necessary information


Press the Create button and confirm

Way 2

Create Hot Deal on the website


Access website host.sumica.ai and select the Deal tab in the Menu bar on the left


Click the Create Deal button and select the rental property you want to promote


Fill the necessary information


Click the Create button, check the information and Confirm

Free consultation

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